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What is (nekhaa) marriage)? Can men and women get close after this marriage?

 In common parlance, temporary marriage means that a person enters into a marriage contract with a woman who does not intend to achieve the goals of marriage, such as the birth of a child and his education and training, etc., but upon completion of a certain period of time. The contract should also end. Or a marriage in which the period has not been fixed but it is intended that the contract will last as long as the husband and wife live together, when they separate the contract will end. This is the case with mut'ah marriages, temporary marriages and marriages for a fixed period.

What is (nekhaa) marriage)? Can men and women get close after this marriage?
What is (nekhaa) marriage)? Can men and women get close after this marriage?

Every marriage that takes place in this way is in fact a mut'ah marriage, even if the word marriage is used in it and witnesses are also present. What is customary marriage? What are its shar'i rulings and disadvantages? The answer to this question is that marriage is a customary contract. It is said to get married without marriage. There is a marriage contract, but there are no Shari'ahs. That is, there is no guardian witness or declaration of marriage. This customary marriage is common in some areas. The ruling on marriage is that it is haraam and invalid according to all the scholars. Husbands and wives cannot reconcile. If they do, they will be disobedient and will be punished. The disadvantage of this marriage will be separated. First of all, it is a great sin and a rebellion against the Shariah. Second, in this marriage, one of the spouses refuses to have children.

The wife is more likely to be harmed, the inheritance is lost, the dowry is lost and the cost of 'iddah is also lost. Especially if the husband refuses in the form of having children, then the woman is in two hells. Marriage is performed with words. The answer to this question is that according to some scholars, marriage is solemnized with the word nikah or the word tazbeej. But it is common knowledge that a marriage contract can be entered into with any word other than that which indicates that the marriage is wonderfully accepted. It is not held at all. A marriage based on such a temporary marriage is tantamount to adultery. May Allah grant us all an understanding of religion.

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